Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2019

Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2019

Newlife Reiki Solutions
Autumn Newsletter 2019


NLR New Logo & Updated Website

I have a new logo, a wonderful lady called Prue Wanstall of “She Designs” did a lovely job of updating me and with it launching my new web site by Oz IT Solutions.

I felt it was time to bring the old web site into the present as it has been around for 16 years. For me it is a time to celebrate and reflect with gratitude on the acceptance of earth acupuncture and space clearing into main stream society and our everyday lives a miracle indeed.

These days space clearing seems to be a thing. People understand the concept and are keen to make changes in their homes and life that

reflect a more conscious and enlightened view.

The world is seeming more wholistic and becoming environmental in-tune with our needs as a whole or at least better than ever previously known to be, as people are more responsible now for how they live life on this planet.

Thank you to all my clients out there who continue to support my work. I look forward to many more years of working with you and loving what I do.

Warmest regards

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