Newlife Reiki Seichim

Leanne has been a Newlife Reiki practitioner since 1996 and is a qualified Level 6 Newlife Reiki Seichim teacher. She received 10 years of rigorous training with Master teacher Margot Deepa Slater.

She has conducted hundreds of Reiki sessions that have benefited many individuals and families. Leanne also conducts level 1 Newlife Reiki Seichim and level 2 Newlife Seichim /Sekhem practitioner training and Rings of the Thymus workshops and teacher training in the Newlife Linage.

Earth Acupuncture

Leanne is qualified in the practice of geomancy and earth acupuncture. Since 1995, Leanne has facilitated many earth healings in Victoria, Australia. She has also traveled to France, England & America to conduct earth acupuncture on many sites. These clearings range from old civil war sites in America to the spiritual havens of Glastonbury in England and Mount St Michaels in France.

Space Clearings

Negative thoughts and behavior build up negative energy within places where we work and live. Leanne clears residences and businesses throughout Victoria, Australia and Overseas. Once the space has been cleared by Leanne, residents have testified to new energy renewal and creativity in their personal lives and business activities.

Newlife Essences

Leanne has spent 10 years working, experimenting and researching different varieties of environmental essences. During her travels in Australia, America and England, she created Newlife Environmental Essences, which combine the elements of river stones, Australian bush flowers and European flowers from sacred sites.


Counseling Services

Leanne offers Solution Based Counseling and trained as a student of Dr Rob McNelly’s, her approach offers a unique blend of hands-on healing, energy clearing and solutions based councelling in a caring and supported environment. councelling sessions are held in Worri Yallock, Victoria, Australia or can be arranged at your home or business.

Leanne lives in the Yarra Valley with her 3 children and husband Kevin.