Newlife Essences


In our daily lives, stress, anxiety and deadlines can create a split from who we really are. Newlife Environmental Essences can help a union between our physical and our living environment, linking us with an awareness of being grounded and whole.
Earth Angel Drops; inspired by the Archangel Michael 
This essence helps to protects you from the transmission of negative energy when meditating, and is also used in protection against psychic attack. A loving angelic presence is released through this essence. It has strong clearing abilities and is able to break down portals of negative energy. Anxiety and worries are lightened.
Lady of Chartres Drops; inspired by the Black Madonna
This essence is for nurturing. It helps release the fear of past traumas and allows trust to emerge. The gentle action of this essence can be used for anxious or traumatized children, especially at bed time.
Dragon Drops; inspired by Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.
This essence can be used in areas where a build up of toxins from computers and electrical equipment occur. Dragon Drops can also be used in areas where ground pollution, vandalism, arguments, and black spots have disturbed the natural flow of energy. This essence is also used on the body as a clearing essence for the aura.
Jeanne D’Arc Drops; inspired by Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc essence helps to release areas of retribution where battles have been fought, land taken and blood spilt. Useful at family gatherings, where underlying resentments are an issue and allows for a new strength and direction to take focus.
Merlin Drops; inspired by Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, England
This grounding and deeply rejuvenating essence was created for people who are easily influenced by external energies. It is an excellent essence for bringing fragmented parts of ones self back to wholeness.
Maitreya Drops; inspired by the spirit of Maitreya
These drops assist in transmuting anger into creative energy. It is helpful for those people suffering depression by bringing peace to deeper recesses of the soul.
Atlantis drops; inspired by Swami Shivananda, the Bahamas
This essence is useful when one feels ready to move on and begin a new project. Atlantis is a creative essence for accessing new portals of light energy and knowledge.
Pallas Athena Drops; inspired by Pallas Athena
These drops help move people through transitions of dependency and co-dependency. Allowing for a fresh look at life. Also useful for working with mild addictions for example coffee, annoying feelings and habits, whether they are physical or emotional.
Apollo Drops; inspired by Apollo the sun God
This is a transition essence. It helps people to move on from feelings of trauma brought on by seperation. For example losing a loved one, or moving house.

Directions for using Newlife Essence

The Newlife essences are sold in 25 ml dropper bottles and 50 ml spray bottles.

Dropper bottles are easy to carry and are used outdoors or can be dropped in specific areas of the environment, and are safe to use in rivers and streams. Also, they can be used on the body and chakras. One to two drops on the area to be cleared is a usual dosage.

Spray Bottles are useful for practitioners of many modalities who work with the body, to facilitate a release of a blockage or issues in their clients. The sprays work well with massage, kinesiology, shiatsu, hypnosis and can be sprayed directly on the body, chair or massage table. The sprays also work to clear the room, office or after a treatment session.


The foundation for the Rebirthing Essences has been made from an indigenous women’s rebirthing stone. The following describes each rebirthing essence and how it impacts key body organs and facilitates the vital flow of life energy.
Rebirthing the Liver 
This essence focuses on the desire realms of our being, and the craving for certain foods, and material objects. This essence helps to bring rejuvenation to the liver meridian, clearing entities and promoting a flow of healthy energy.
Rebirthing the Kidneys
This essence works on the solar plexus and the kidney meridian, our fear center. It helps to alleviate projections of jealousy and envy. Feelings of unworthiness are also addressed by this essence.
Rebirthing the Spleen
The action of this essence will help to re-energize and release vibrant energy throughout the spleen. It is also used to filter out unproductive thought patterns and emotions blocked in this organ.
Rebirthing the Sacrel
This essence brings about the clear light of love to the dark recesses of our base and sacrel areas. It is for help in healing areas of abuse and neglect. To reclaim your divinity and bring you back on track.

Rebirthing the Heart
This essence has been made from a Native Black Orchid found at Ben Cairn, a mountain area in Warburton, Victoria. Ben Carin is a site of nurturing and abundance. This essence will assist in restoring deep union within the heart.

Directions for Rebirthing Essences

Dosage for Rebirthing Essences are best determined by your practitioner or typically 2 drops twice a day for 1-2 weeks.
Essences are not to be taken instead of doctors advice or medication.