Winter With A Hint Of Spring

Winter With A Hint Of Spring

Newlife Reiki Solutions Newsletter 2015

All houses tell a story.
Energies or etheric imprints left from previous owners can be interpreted.The etheric imprints I have come across include peoples pets who have died, families who have struggled and souls who are stuck and earth bound. For example many people request me to do a clearing because they feel the energy in their house is heavy, dark or blocked.

House clearings never fail to surprise me. In one recent house clearing in Richmond I could feel a massive Clydesdale horse in the backyard .I could feel that this horse was much loved and a working member of the original family who lived there.

Space clearing is not a new concept it is as old as the land. The aboriginal have always been able to read a landscape. They have the ability to read a rock, a tree or the flow of a river and tell you what has gone before.

The landscape holds the song line of the person born there and it is still the same for all who are born here in Australia. A song-line incorporates all the plants, the animal’s, people, spirit beings and history. It’s validation of your own creation story.

My children were born in the Yarra Valley and all have wombat as part of their song line, that means that they can be stubborn at times but also determined, because a wombat will continue along the same path even when blocks are in the way, but it is the balance between determination and stubbornness that wombats need to find. Song lines can be related to an etheric imprint and in a city, while it is sometimes difficult to see what was originally on the site we can gain some understanding or correlation between the lay of the land and those who have live on it.

I love building a story from reading a property and I hope it reminds us of our own creations and connections that add to and make up this wonderful world we reside on.

Bring on Spring.

Warm regards

Thus workshop was held in the last school holidays and eight children participated.
We had a wonderful day with all the children practicing loving symbols with play dough and doing Reiki healing on each other by the end of the day.
Well done to all.

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Newlife Reiki Solutions Workshops 2015.

Earth Acupuncture Workshop

Part 1 Saturday August 29
Part 2 Sunday August 30
Time: 10 am-4 pm
Cost: $150 for each part.

Newlife Reiki Seichim
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Saturday October 10
Sunday October 11
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Cost: $350
Place: Woori Yallock

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