Newlife Reiki Solutions Spring Newsletter September 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Spring Newsletter September 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions

Spring Newsletter September 2016.

Hi All

There comes a time when life just seems to be stagnant and you know its time for a review. Where is your life going? Whats important and what is outgrown, what can be discarded or let go of. I have reached that impasse. So I am taking my own advice and going off to walk the Camino Trail in Spain, September 9th to October 24th, It will be a time of inner reflection, as I celebrate a milestone birthday while on the trail.

This self-development process is not just about clearing patterns, blocks to success, eating healthy, or keeping fit, and while we all have responsibilities, one of which is to firstly, check in on our-self and see how we are doing.

Included in this, is self-preservation of the soul, a commitment to ourselves and our spirit to be content. Its a connection that brings us to the point of oneness, that way of being where we think from our heart/mind.

Known as the way of the heart, this connection requires attention. To take time for inner reflection and allow the movement to another level of understanding.

I have no idea how I will go, but what is driving me is my connection to the Black Madonna and St James. I believe that in the south of France, around the Pyrenees area, there is a strong energy of the Black Madonna, that of the divine feminine and also that of the apostle Saint James, whose relics are interned in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela and who protects pilgrims on their journey.

I am wondering though, if walking hundreds of kilometers, induces such a state of pain that just getting to the next town will be a miracle in itself. I guess I will find out soon enough.

Because of my travels, I will be doing no more workshops until 2017 and will let you know the workshop dates in December.

Buen Camino

Warmest regards
Love & Light

The Earth Acupuncture Workshop parts 1 & 2 in May, was a wonderful day on Mt Little Joe. The girls trying out their dowsing on the mountain.

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