Newlife Reiki Solutions Spring Newsletter 2014

Newlife Reiki Solutions Spring Newsletter 2014

Spring Newsletter 2014:

Hi All
Spring is such a welcome time of year, spring brings out the lovers; The lovers of nature, love of partners, lovers of the inner journey. That inner journey that takes so much courage, striving and effort to understand and to find the balance of ones inner and outer world.

This spring is especially exciting for my family as most of us are heading to the UK for my daughter Kim’s wedding to her soul mate Hugo in November. Many family and friends are travelling from Aus and Ireland to the Uk for this happy occasion.

It has been 2 years in the planning and yes stress levels have all been upped a notch or two in recent months as the day get closer, some plans not going as wished, hiccups with different parties involved. Out of the craziness, and planning a wedding 10571 miles away, what has occurred to Kim, is the realization that with all that has fallen apart, been adjusted and changed Kim and Hugo’s relationship has strengthened and deepened well beyond the wedding ceremony, planning and all its formalities.
It has led them to the realisation that they mean more to each other than a ceremony, fancy function room, decorations, wedding dress ect.

I have just re-read “On The Way To The Wedding”, a book by Linda Schierse Leonard who says the journey for each person it very different. The outer ceremony that is created is very different to the inner ceremony.
Some of the symbolism represented in the wedding is the veil; the outer symbol represents the preservation of the mystery of the bride for herself and the groom. The inner veil casts the eyes within; it is a venture into the inner mystery of life, love and death, uniting the opposites within us.

The veil prepares us for the vow. The vow is an affirmation of relationship and ultimately of human longing for transcendent wholeness, the mystic marriage of the sun and moon.
Often made with nervousness, as we do not know where the mysterious other will lead us. It can be seen as a death of the egos control, enabling one to make the vow to the greater mysteries of love and life.

The vow to wholeness is symbolised by the wedding ring. A ring gives us the image for the roundness of life, the cycle of seasons, growth and transformation, of death and rebirth. It is an image for the cosmic marriage, the wedding of heaven and earth. With the exchange of the rings in the wedding the ceremony the union of two souls, the ecstasy of the, I and the thou is enacted.

To Kim & Hugo it’s a great way to start life together, grounded and realistic. So I am looking forward to the wedding and may their happiness in each and every moment continue to bloom like a spring day in Gaia’s eternal seasons of life and change.

Warmest regards

Newlife Reiki Solutions:

Workshops for 2015 will be announced in the Summer Newsletter.

Rivers of Existence:

My book is available at the TS Bookshop in Russel St, Melb, Yarra Valley Showcase in Warburton also Amazon Books or phone me on 0402208634. it is now being distributed by Phoenix Distributors

Congratulations to NLR level 1 student Karen O’ Brien & Desrae Thompson.

At the NLR level 1 workshop this month one of the questions asked from the students, was how to be and live in energetic integrity, in a society with all its madness, dishonesty and justifications for bad behavior.

Energetic integrity, (speaking from the heart,) is a vital component when working with people. It keeps karmic debts in check and leads one to a richer depth of inner understanding. Working with energetic integrity enables you to see things clearer and therefore avoiding making rash decisions that can come from emotional triggers and reactions.

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