Newlife Reiki Solutions Christmas Summer Newsletter 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Christmas Summer Newsletter 2016.

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In my last newsletter, I mentioned my pilgrimage, to walk the Camino from St Jean Pied de Paul, in France to Santiago De Compostela in Galicia Spain. I managed to walk approx 350 kilometers of the 800 kilometer route, the rest of the route I traveled by bus and taxi.
I noticed and felt many different energies along this historic trail. There were incredible dreaming tracks, some very gentle and some rather dark.

The first 200 kilometers was fantastic. I experienced incredible breathtaking scenery, I walked alongside majestic mountains and lovely ancient villages, crossing stone bridges; while following a trail of yellow arrows that show the way to St James’ relics.

While on this journey, I was dealing with a hip and ankle injury that slowed my walking considerably. However, this slower pace allowed me time to meditate on family issues, that I had to address and eventually let go of.

Walking the second part of the trail was significantly different. I noticed a swirl of energy called Metta that would sweep me up and move me along. Some how I always reached my destination each day earlier and with so much more ease and grace when this energy was present. This energy called Metta flows through all of life. It is seen as a spiral or triskele symbol (3 spirals grouped together). In Reiki we call it a Cho- Ku- Rei which is a symbol for energizing the chakras.

This Metta energy reminded me of a passage from Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Pilgrimage”.“That everything in our surrounding reflected an uneasy peace, the peace of the world that was still in the process of growing and being created, in order to grow, it had to continue moving along. Nature itself journeyed seeking illumination.”

Towards the third and final stage of my journey many pilgrims joined the walk. This is where all the trails come together. The ankle and hip injury I started with returned, to make the last 20 kms of walking difficult. As my leg ceased, up I took a taxi 3 kms from the center of Santiago and hobbling very slowly used the last day to find my way to the cathedral. The relics of St James are really special and I felt quite emotional while paying my respects, as was the pilgrims’ mass, which gave a finality to the whole journey.

As I walk down the stairs from the Cathedral, I felt good. I achieved my goal and stuck to my plan. As Paulo Coelho goes onto say, “the good fight is the one that is fought in the name of our dreams”. This dream did come true for me, I made it happen and by the grace of God, St James, or Metta, the energy that connects us in oneness and moves all of life along, is what it is.

To my clients, friends and family thank you for all your continuing support throughout the year .
Have a wonderful ending to 2016. I will be in USA from 15 Jan- 5 Feb visiting our new grandson Kevin.
You can reach me at email

Best wishes and may abundance and happiness be with you this Christmas.

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