Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2017

Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2017

Whats News:

Hi All,

While visiting our newish baby grandson and family in Virginia USA over the holiday season, we decided to check out some of the areas that we were guided to activate using earth acupuncture back in 2002.

We re- visited Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia, one of the areas which saw John Brown, an abolitionist making his stand against slavery, where he then met an unfortunate end and was hung for his efforts.

The area we had activated was at the convergence of the two mighty rivers, the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Along side the river was a track,a railway line ( still very much in use), and the old C&O Canal,that runs down from Cumberland Maryland into Washington DC (although now looking very dry and disused).

What we had not previously realized back in 2002 was that the area we activated was a part of the Appalachian Trail which traverses the oldest mountain range in the world. Harper’s Ferry is the mid point of the trail and runs a distance of approximately 2,200 Miles between Maine and Georgia.

We found that the energy around the river was light, and it felt peaceful, much different from our original outing in 2002. There have recently been a couple of movies made, about the Appalachian trail, featuring some of the more courageous hikers, which has helped make the trail more popular. I felt quite jubilant when I realized I could walk 2 miles of the Trail around the town circuit. The joy of starting out was fabulous and especially when I did not have to carry a backpack or hiking gear like I had to on the Camino in Spain.

When I activate a site I still use Earth Acupuncture and my Newlife Reiki Seichim symbols to gain the best possible results.

My first level 1 Newlife Reiki Seichim Workshop is on March 4 & 5, if you would like to do review and reconnect with the energy, we would love to have you. If this information could be of benefit to some one you know, please pass it along.

Best Wishes

Potomac River activation site 2002 and the meeting of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, West Virginia 2017.

Workshops for 2017

NLR Seichim Level 1
Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March
Cost $380
Held in the Yarra Valley

Rings of the Thymus
Saturday April 1
Time 1-4 pm
Cost $75
Held in the Yarra Valley

Earth Acupuncture
Part 1 Saturday May 20
Part 2 Sunday May 21
Time 10am-4pm
Cost $150 part 1
Cost $150 part 2
Held in the Yarra Valley

NLR Seichim Level 2
Sat 17 & Sun 18 June
Time 9am- 5pm
Cost $380
Held in the Yarra Valley

Rivers of Existence

Explains the activation process of Earth Acupuncture and how to work with spiritual guidance. What the out come of listening to that guidance meant for me and how it changed my life. A new shipment of Rivers of Existence has recently arrived and now available. Cost is $20 + postage.
for your copy.

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