Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2016.

As we move into Autumn, my 2 month venture into Asia in December and January, is already moving into the background as life’s continues ever onward. Kevin and I covered 4 countries and stayed in 9 cities, experiencing the culture of both rural and city.

What an assault on the senses…offerings to the Buddha, and the water Goddess, Phosop, the “Mother of rice prosperity” including offerings to all forms of Nature Spirits in the forests. How lovely! Then the opposite of all that, runs the corruption and scams in every part of daily life.

Yet all is just as it is, just as it should be. What I might see as a scam is a way of life and earning a wage for another. You just can’t get angry for this is how life is in South East Asia and Sri Lanka.
Yet it was Quan Yin who I felt throughout the whole trip. Her nurturing presence gave me heart and felt familiar.Vietnam has Quan Yin as the mother of the land who nurtures, and protects them but each country has their own goddess that they revere.
Thailand have their water goddess of the rice paddies called Phosop. Cambodia has their dakinis, angelic dancers to the King who is worshiped as a Buddha.

Sri Lanka worships the land also as mother. The land ritual Agni Hotra, brings renewal to the land through chants and fire ceremony, which we experienced in Kandy, and gave us a fresh start for the accumulated unprocessed energies of the day.

What I did learn from all this? We are all different in our cultural ways, yet still we are all connected through the obvious need for shelter, food, clothing and work . All people the world over pray to and make offerings to a higher being. There is a devotion and love of something beyond the physical which provides spiritual sustenance. This is universal and always will be.

Newlife Reiki SeichimLevel 1 Workshop.

Students enjoy a peaceful, relaxing 2 day workshop in the Yarra Valley .
This workshop uses tactile mediums to integrate the healing symbols, everyone learns the hand placements for giving a Newlife Seichim Reiki and receives one.
Long distant healing is also taught.
A manual and flash cards are provided to keep.
Anyone over 16 years is able to participate.
Vegetarian lunch and morning tea is provided.

Saturday: October 10
Sunday: October 11
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Cost: $350
Place: Yarra Valley

Please phone for bookings
Mob: 0402208634

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